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Season One Playlist on YouTube!

  • Bring Out Your Kindness0:45
  • Mr. Johnny's Song1:06
  • Loopable Doot DooDoo0:21
  • La La La Vie En Rose1:10
  • Haunting0:50
  • DIFFERENT VOICE Go Make Some ART0:59
  • Whistling in the Garden2:29
  • Favorite Underpants0:28
  • 7 Holes In Your Head1:11
  • Doo Doo Caca Poo Poo0:57
  • Everything You Make Looks Like You Ukulele0:58
  • Everything You Make Looks Like You1:01
  • (It was a) Giant Terrible Robot1:16
  • Garden Ukulele1:03
  • Go Make Some ART Different Voice 21:10
  • Go Make Some ART0:40
  • Go Make Some ART Ukulele0:40
  • Go Make Some ART 20150:40
  • It's Not Wrong to Know You're Beautiful0:17
  • Patreon Thank You 20:30
  • Patreon Thank You0:23
  • Eddie Hinger0:53
  • Put Your Nose In Your Butt & Get Going1:10
  • Silent Night Ukulele 1:02
  • Silent Night1:17
  • The Armpit Song0:30
  • You're NOT GREAT1:01

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