Tell everyone what to go do with themselves! Friends, in these troubled times, it is so importnat to keep our perspective and to put our time into people and efforts that can actually increase joy in the world! BUY TWO and give one to a friend! C'mon, get with the program and join Easel Monster and start telling people to GO MAKE SOME ART!  1.25" Glossy finish. Magical powers to create smiles wherever you go!

Go Make Some ART - 1.25"


    Paint By Monster & Easel Monster ©2020 Dan Wright

    Paint By Monster is a web series about Art created and performed entirely by Dan Wright. Each Paint By Monster visit is created with four goals in mind:

                  • to INSPIRE

                  • to PERSUADE

                  • to INSTRUCT

                  • to ENTERTAIN

    Which is not to say that each PBM video accomplishes these goals, but I did put those words on a Post It and stuck 'em over my desk.

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    Go Make Some ART! - Easel Monster
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